What You Might Like to Know About Our Company

Right Angle Solutions, Inc. was founded with a simple concept in mind. Bring quality, professional services and products, along with superior customer service to our customers.

We believe that you, our customer, deserves the best service at the best price we can offer. We also understand and beleive that it is us that are fortunate to have you as a customer and it is our job to not only earn your trust but to work hard to retain it.


As with all business, financial profitablity and prosperity is an important motivating factor for RAS, but it is not THE driving one. Here, we beleive that the relationships, friendships and the experiences we share with our customers should be second to none and we go to great strides to assure that happens.


We are not the biggest, cheapest, nor the fastest. See, we believe that to be any of these characteristics you must sacrifice others like attention to detail, quality people and equipment and safety, and at RAS, this is not acceptable.


With this understanding, I invite and encourage you to give RAS and our team the opporutnity to show you that you can recieve quality at a fair price and be treated as a partner, not a problem!


Safety, Quality, Integrity = Complete Customer Satisfaction


WE are here for you and available 24/7. Please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have!!!